Eco Farms Launches New Brand

Eco Farms CEO Andy Hamilton stands with Bernardo, the ranch manager of the Grangetto operation.

Eco Farms, Total Produce group partner, started growing California avocados way back in the early 1970s. From their first home in San Diego County’s tiny village of Rainbow, to the Temecula packinghouse where they reside today, Eco Farms continues growing, packing and shipping California avocados from Southern California. Despite challenges from labour, weather, politicians, and invasive species, Southern California produces an iconic, seasonally desired, Hass avocado like no other area of the world.

Pictured here are three of Nick Stehly, Senior’s grandchildren (Bernadette, R.J. and Raymond). Nick, Sr. told us “We’re on board for anything we can do together to keep California farming prosperous for our grandchildren and their children.”

One of San Diego County’s premium Hass avocado growers, Eddie and Karen Grangetto, collaborated with Eco Farms and WestRock Packaging team to develop a brand showcasing what West Coast consumers covet during the late winter, spring and early summer months. While avocados possess documented Heart Healthy™ nutrition, consumers crave the immense buttery flavor flowing from these Southern California avocados. When consumers started reacting to what they felt after tasting a satisfying California-bred Hass avocado, the relaxed, pleasurable taste was captured through the Ahhh-vocado™ branded avocados, which are grown and packed exclusively in Southern California. California retailers in particular have been asking for California-centric promotions and they’re eager to see the Ahhh-vocado™ brand highlight the locally grown nature of Southern California avocados.Eddie Grangetto originally asked Eco Farms’ Andy Hamilton about creating a brand. Mr. Grangetto commented: “We’ve grown and sold the best avocados in the world for years. No other region in the world can rival the sustainable farming we practice here in Southern California. We want everyone looking for these sustainably grown Southern California avocados to know how to identify and find them. Anyone who looks for the Ahhh-vocado™ labeled box will see how these Southern California-grown and packed avocados will provide consumers with the authentic experience they’re looking for.”

Andy Hamilton, the CEO of Eco Farms, added: “Eddie had a great vision to build a brand with us. While avocados have proliferated across the planet, there are truly dedicated consumers–especially in California and in the Western United States– who don’t just want another generic Hass avocado. Most of these consumers begrudgingly will accept other countries and sources out of necessity, but our team of growers want to ensure they can identify and get rewarded with the best avocados Southern California can offer. We’re delighted to present our customers this opportunity to savor these Ahhh-vocado™ branded Southern California avocados throughout the first half of 2017.”