Our Iconic Dole Brand

Dole is the premium, farm-fresh foods brand that enhances your life with delicious fruits and vegetables for healthy meals by constantly innovating and bringing them from around the world to your table at the peak of quality, freshness and taste.




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Committed To Local

Total Produce’s on-the-ground infrastructure place us at the very heart of the communities in which we operate.  Empowered local management bring relationships, an understanding of local customers, consumers and market dynamics and provide that all important personal touch.

This local presence also allows us to be a constructive, enthusiastic partner to extensive networks of local growers in each of these markets. Working in hand in glove with the very best local independent producers, we provide technical, financial, logistical and promotional support,  investing in their farms, facilities and their businesses and ensuring that local fresh fruits and vegetables takes pride of place in our produce portfolio.