In Total Produce, that our business is the promotion of products, the health enhancing properties of which have been firmly and definitively established, is something about which we are immensely proud. Trust in our industry, of course remains ever contingent on a confidence in the supply chain through which produce is delivered and in the integrity of those from whom it is sourced. For us, the delivery of premium quality, safe, traceable produce to the consumer is our first priority, always. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is what we do. We recognise also, though the responsibilities inherent in the pursuit of this goal, most notably to the emerging and developing nations from which we source, to the local and global growers, to their people and the environment in which they operate.

We know too that our obligations cross the supply chain to the marketplace; to our own employees, our shareholders, our customers, and to the communities we serve across the globe. Across our operations, we aspire to hold ourselves to a higher standard - extending beyond adherence to legal requirements and to foster a reputation of which employees and shareholders can be proud and as importantly, on which customers can rely.

Our Values


We believe that it is through co-operation across the supply chain and the equitable distribution of returns, that the fresh produce consumer can best be served.


We believe in doing business the right way; in recognising our responsibilities, in implementing best practices and in embracing accountability.

Consumer Empowerment

We believe in consumer choice. We are committed to offering the broadest possible ranges to consumers and to providing the necessary supports for making informed choices about all things fresh produce.

Local At Heart

We believe in local. Operating a “Local Produce First” policy across all our operations, we are committed to contributing to the communities in which we trade.

Growing Together

Embracing technology. Extracting costs. Delivering efficiencies. Generating value.

Total Produce e-Plan – Strategic Pillars

“We aim to build trust and integrity in the supply chain”
  • Assess-Audit-Visit-Improve
  • Create true partnerships; Trust, Reliability & Commitment in the supply chain
  • Shorten the supply chain
  • Share knowledge
  • Embrace specialisation
  • Quality & production management.
“We want to make a real difference”
  • Audit & visit our suppliers
  • Work together to improve working conditions
  • Establish joint sustainability projects to achieve real progress
“We aim to reduce environmental impact”
  • Help growers to reduce their impact
  • Secure continuous development on our own sites
  • Resource management and waste reduction
“We aim to develop the best eco products”
  • Increased selection of organic produce
  • Prioritise local produce