A Step In The Right Direction.….

While the development of a seamless, integrated Circular Plastics Economy is our ultimate ambition, in the short to medium term we recognise the need to find an interim solution that reduces the impact of the plastics we use in the here and now. To this end, as part of the Eircycle initiative, we in Total Produce have invested in alternative plastics and more specifically Compostable Plastics.  Our objectives have been to identify an alternative that-

– Is Home and Industrial Compostable (can be composted at home or by professional waste management service providers).

– Composts into wholly organic material in short period of time.

– Possesses the necessary properties required for fresh produce; robustness, adaptability and a high degree of transparency so that the quality of the produce inside is clearly visible.

– Adheres to key legislative and market requirements.

– Is compatible with local waste management infrastructure across key markets.

We are committed to-

  • Identifying and bringing to market the best technological solutions available.
  • Working with waste management providers to ensure real world application.
  • Working with our customers to maximise availability and educate consumers on the appropriate disposal of our packaging.

At Fruit Logistica 2019 we introduced next generation compostable plastics to our customers and suppliers from across Europe.  The plastic is undergoing ongoing scientific, production and commercial trials.  While compostable plastics have limitations in that their use is not circular in nature, they do address the environmental damage accrued from irresponsible disposal of plastics in our seas and on land and represent a tangible first step in what is an ongoing journey.

A Work In Progress;  Prototype Compostable Packs In Development

Educating The Consumer; An Irish Explanatory Video On
Responsible Disposal Of Waste In The Home (Source:  Cré Ireland)