While there is a broad consensus as to the importance of addressing plastic packaging and urgency with which the issue needs to be addressed, solving the plastic packaging problem is inherently complex.  Packaging needs to change, in many markets, the waste management infrastructure needs to be extended and updated to reflect these changes and to ensure that it is fit for purpose and each and every one of us needs to be educated and encouraged to make responsible decisions when it comes to disposing of packaging.  Given that, it is widely acknowledged that the obstacles to the Circular Plastics Economy can be overcome by any one link in the supply chain in isolation.

With that in mind, Total Produce has committed to bringing together and working with other key actors from across the supply chain to a develop a practical, integrated response to the issues facing us collectively under the auspices of our Eircycle project.

Eircycle is an initiative dedicated to removing and replacing conventional long life plastics from fresh fruit & vegetable packaging and substituting it with environmentally friendly compostable and recyclable alternatives.   It is supported by industry-leading companies from across the global fresh produce supply chain including plastic manufacturers, packaging designers , fresh produce growers, marketers, wholesalers and retailers.   Collectively, we are committed to researching, developing and bringing to market viable commercial solutions to address the impact of plastic packaging waste on sea and land.

We believe that in bringing together plastic and packaging manufacturers, growers, distributors, marketers and retailers of fresh produce and focusing our efforts on delivering innovative, commercially viable, sustainable, solutions we can meet the expectations of consumers and make a real difference to the environmental footprint of our industry as a whole.

For more information, see:  www.eircycle.ie