Total Produce B.V. Introduces New Melon Variety

During the first edition of the Amsterdam Produce Show 2016, Total Produce B.V. introduced the Dino melon. This white striped melon looks like a dinosaur egg which gave the Rotterdam fruit importer – in collaboration with their supplier – the idea of linking the product to a kid’s concept. “This melon isn’t a mix of existing varieties, but a variety of its own. At the moment our Brazilian supplier is the only one producing this variety and takes care of the limited production,” says Saskia Polak. Total Produce B.V. is mainly focusing on retail with the Dino melon, but this product is also very interesting for processors to work with. At the Produce Show, visitors had the chance to try this tasteful product. “Responses are very positive and hopefully we can scale up volume as sales are above expectations.”