Argofruta Foundation

Promoting Best Practice Across Production – Total Produce & Argofruta Establish the Argofruita Foundation in Brazil

Agrofruta, a producer and exporter of premium quality exotic produce from Brazil of global renown joined the Total Produce Group in 2016. Together, Total Produce and Argofruta are pleased to confirm the creation of the Argofruta Foundation- a body dedicated to funding and administering social initiatives on the ground in Brazil.

The creation of the Argofruta foundation reflects our joint commitment to environmental, social and governance practices and illustrates our understanding of how our long term relationship with the environment and important stakeholders such as communities, employees, suppliers and customers can enhance our business. It illustrates our conviction that by supporting the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate we can deliver better produce- with dividends arising in terms of the quality of our produce, the service we provide and our relationship with customers and our partners in the marketplace.

The initiative focuses on four areas:

  1. Employee and local community needs.
  2. The natural environment.
  3. Direct customer Concerns.
  4. Final consumer needs.

An important first step in the work of the Foundation will be the Argofruta Daycare project the objective of which is to create the physical space and opportunity for children and families to interact, play, learn and develop skills that very often are not encouraged at home or in school but which are worthwhile for the whole community, such as; sustainable development, diversity and solidarity.

Up to 45 children of Argofruta workers will attend each day with class split across two shifts; morning and afternoon to complement the children’s schoolwork. Two meals will be provided per day and dental and medical support will be provided. Activities will include storytelling, arts, music, gardening, games and recreational activities. Argofruta will fund 100% of the cost for the physical space for this project while contributions from stakeholders across the supply chain will also contribute to the monthly costs for teachers, food and materials.

It is our hope that the Argofruta Daycare Centre will be but the first in a number of initiatives that positively contributing to the welfare of workers and their families on the ground across production in Brazil.