Promoting Local Produce

Local Produce First: Total Produce introduces Grá brand in Ireland.

In each and every market in which Total Produce trades we operate a “local produce first” policy, whereby local produce is prioritised over imported alternatives wherever possible. This not only delivers environmental dividends in terms of reducing the food miles incurred in bringing produce to market but also allows us to contribute to the communities in which we are located. Very often, in countries where production is fragmented or conducted on a smaller scale than elsewhere, consolidating, marketing and distributing local produce can be a challenge for independent producers. Across our Group, Total Produce is committed to working with independent growers to harmonise quality, efficiently distribute and creatively market home grown produce.

This summer, Total Produce Ireland launched a new local produce brand, “Grá” – the Irish word for “love” or “to have a longing for.” The Grá brand is being applied to produce sourced from over 25 of the most experienced and accomplished local growers from across Ireland. A wide range of Irish fresh fruits, salads and vegetables, including an extensive range of prepared Irish products will be available in specially developed Grá packaging with Total Produce exclusively marketing and distributing the produce via its Retail, Wholesale and Foodservice channels nationally.

Watch here what the development of the Grá brand means to one Irish Strawberry grower.

If you would like to find out more about the Grá brand and the people who grow it, please visit: or @gra_produce on Twitter or at gra.produce on Facebook.